For a regular guy, decoding a girl is like solving a Sudoku puzzle designed by aliens. She is complex, paradoxical, and really not an easy riddle for the guys who take the word “nothing” to mean “nothing”. But in addition to being a complex biology, she is also someone who hides things.

She may not be best at conveying what she feels like but more often than not, she is not best at hiding either. But then again, sometimes she is. And the ways in which she manages to keep her thoughts locked to herself keep the guy part of the world wondering, “Why is she so mysterious?” or, “why does she give hints when she does not want to talk about it?”

1. You tell her a funny story and she is unperturbed and lost


Usually girls are quick to laugh and are good listeners. And when you are the funny man in her life, she would love to talk to you. But when she reacts at your super funny story by going “hmm”, or, “what else”, take the hint. There are high chances that she is lost in some other world.


2. She suddenly starts to avoid talking to you


If she has been this regular part of your life who shared every tiny detail of her each day with you, and all of a sudden starts to avoid you, then it is likely that some mystery may be brewing.


3. She ignores a certain topic every time you bring it up


She will react awkwardly, get irritated, and change the topic altogether.


4. She avoids making direct eye contactavoids-eye-contact_4

This can mean a lot of things. Low confidence, feeling uncomfortable, and also, it is a common reaction of those who can’t keep secrets confidently. If you are extremely close to her, she will dread making eye contact because she may fear that looking into eyes of someone known will make it easier for her to blurt out the issue, something she does not want to do.


5. She gets uncomfortable around you


Not standing still, constantly fidgeting with whatever she has in her hands, avoiding affectionate hugs, any kind of physical touch, etc.


6. She asks you hypothetical questions like…


… “imagine if you were put in a situation where you had to choose between your family you love dearly and career you are extremely passionate about, what would you choose?”. She is trying to find answers to her problems without actually revealing her problems to you.


7. An otherwise”I don’t care type” of a personality suddenly becomes philosophical


No fun, all philosophy, makes her a dull fairy.


8. She is guilty of something you are not aware of, and if it is related to you, she will start to act extremely nice


If she has done something she is extremely guilty of, her conscience will make her try to cover up. Covering up acts include being extremely nice and doing all the things that she once did not like much, wholeheartedly.


9. She suddenly starts to become more obsessed with her privacy


An otherwise outgoing girl, shuts out social gatherings, and even the people she is extremely close with. She starts to find solace in lonesomeness, and gets supremely annoyed when people try to encroach her privacy.


10. She becomes best friends with someone new


If you had been the person she had been confiding in everything from a long time, and suddenly she starts to hang out more with a new friend in her life, something may be fishy.


11. She becomes absent minded


Does not seem attentive. Becomes forgetful and gets confused easily. Starts to lose her belongings at public places often.


12. Becomes more silent and does not react to even most important of stuff you tell her


Silence is not only a man’s way of hiding worries. Girls often do it too. And if a usually talkative girl suddenly starts to prefer quietness or, if an already quiet girl becomes more withdrawn to herself, there’s a clue.


13. She goes out of her way to help others she find miserable


In addition to genuinely meaning to help others, she is also trying to hide her own worries by trying to portray herself as a secure person who is problem free and never needs any help.

14. Gets annoyed, angry, yells, and frets over tiny things


Because she is not able to fight out the situation by talking about it, it starts to rust her from inside. The repercussion? She gets all neurotic with her close people because she finds it comfortable to do so with them instead of the people/things/situations that actually may be the root cause. Worse thing is that she gets extremely sorrowful about making her close ones suffer, but because of her complex nature that drives her to keep things hidden, she is not able to help it either.

In addition to guys; even family members, cousins, and girlfriends can look for these signs when she starts to clasp things in her heart locket, and help her out. :)


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