1Theresa May has insisted being a female Prime Minister and the first foreign leader to meet Donald Trump since his inauguration will be the ‘biggest statement’ she can make about the role of women in the world.

Mrs May confirmed she will meet the US president in Washington DC on Friday after a weekend in which hundreds of thousands of people around the world joined women’s marches to protest against Mr Trump.

The PM said she will tell Mr Trump when she finds his behaviour or statements ‘unacceptable’ – a criticism she has already levelled at him over his past comments about women.

Mrs May has previously used the term ‘unacceptable’ to describe Mr Trump’s suggestion that his fame allowed him to ‘do anything’ to women, such as ‘grabbing them by the pussy’.

The President’s repeated highly controversial remarks about women inspired massive ‘pink pussy hat’ marches attended by at least 500,000 in Washington DC and 100,000 in London on Saturday.

The PM said the ‘special relationship’ between the UK and US will allow her to criticise Mr Trump where she sees fit.

Asked if she would raise the controversial tycoon’s treatment of women at their meeting, Mrs May told BBC One’s Andrew Marr Show: ‘I have already said that some of the comments that Donald Trump has made in relation to women are unacceptable, some of those he himself has apologised for.

‘When I sit down I think the biggest statement that will be made about the role of women is the fact that I will be there as a female Prime Minister, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, directly taking to him about the interests that we share.’

The PM highlighted her ‘track record’ in defending the interests of women, including moves to tackle modern slavery and domestic violence while home secretary.

She said she was ‘proud’ to be the second female premier, adding: ‘I will be talking to Donald Trump about the issues that we share – about how we can build on the special relationship, it’s the special relationship that also enables us to say when we do find things unacceptable.’

Mrs May added: ‘Whenever there is something that I find unacceptable I will say that to Donald Trump.’