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Chicago IL: On Saturday, September 3rd 2016 at Ashyana banquets the Hindi Lovers Club with the World Hindi Foundation celebrated the rich heritage of Hindi language by promoting awareness of Hindi worldwide.  Around 300 people attended the event.

On the occasion of the 6th Hindi Diwas, the President Vinita Gulabani expressed how in few years, with a small executive committee the Hindi Lovers Club has aroused individual participation of children and adults to learn Hindi, dialog in Hindi and perform in speech and cultural programs.  In addition, the club by partnering with Indian organizations in Chicagoland aroused partners in Hindi language via events –cultural, educational and social.

Gurbachan Kaur Shewakramani one of the founders and the strength behind the club for  all these years welcomed all and took pride in introducing all acquired activities and plans of the club and its vision. She individually has elaborated and implemented programs and services.

The Consul General of India in Chicago Ausaf Sayeed and Vice Counsel O.P. Mena eloquently emphasized how Hindi is the third most spoken language in the world and should be nurtured and be spoken widespread.  Narendra Modi, Indian Prime Minister has declared January 10th as World Hindi Diwas.  On October 30th we will have the first time Indian Diwali stamp issued in USA

The president and secretary of Vishwa Hindi Nyas and its Chicago director Kam Gupta support classes in higher educations, endowment of Hindi chairs at Universities and unifies all outreach endeavors for nationwide dialogue and communication in Hindi in States.

Poets, writers, including acclaimed writer Mridula Behari highlighted the importance of Hindi language, its richness and vastness.  Non Hindi speakers spoke how Hindi language has brought strength in their lives.

6 children ages 6-12 wrote essays and read them.   The topic was, “Aap bade hoker kya banna chahte hain aur kyon?”  Barnes and Noble certificates and trophies were given as awards.  Ms. Bhargava, Behari and Mr Mena were judges.  Anika Dikshit won the top prize.

A host of young and old performers presented a variety of dances, comedies and music. All performances were skillfully and beautifully done-two young performers Sanjana Kumar and Laksha received special mention. The girl Sanjana Kumar stole the heart of everybody present with her masterly fusion dance combining Bharatnatyam and Gymnastics through an electronic Indian classical fusion song

The audience got a fair-sized entertainment with a one person comedy show by Ranjoy Gangubly, a  Bengali youth who mimicked top notch Bollywood artsits like Keshto Mukherji, Shatrughna Sinha, Dharmendra, and politician like Laloo Prasad Yadav. Audience really enjoyed his skit

Dinner and snacks were very tasty and presented well.   Thanks to Mr. Jain.

The whole evening confirmed what Gurbachan and Kam emphasized in their thank you speech, wonders were done today but more than that, the words of Hindi are so precious that it  must be spoken at all occasions when appropriate and kept alive!

The culmination was Kavi Sammelan were ins 16 Poets  had registered but 10 were present reciting their poems.  The quality and contents of the recitation were hugely appreciated by those sitting through the program.  Some   of the names were quite familiar with Hindi lovers Among them  were  Manish Sharma, Gurbachan Kaur Neelam, Neeraj Mehta, Shivali Varshney, Kanan Desai, and  Purina Jha


Photographs and Press release by: Asian Media USA