1The transcript of Pratyusha Banerjee’s last conversation with boyfriend Rahul Raj Singh has now been revealed. The conversation mentions Pratyusha saying she didn’t come to Mumbai to sell herself.

Shocking details have now emerged in television actor Pratyusha Banerjee’s alleged suicide case after transcripts of the last phone call between the late actor and boyfriend Rahul Raj Singh were accessed. The almost three-minute long conversation between the duo apparently has Pratyusha indicating that she was pushed into ‘prostitution’, a word that she uses once in her conversation.

In her own words, as can be seen in the copy of the transcript, Pratyusha told Rahul, “I f*** so hard. In my life, I f*** so hard for everything. I didn’t come here to sell myself, I came here to act. Where are you putting me today? Rahul you have no idea how bad I am feeling right now.”

During the conversation, Pratyusha tells Rahul about being called characterless despite not being so in real life. Pratyusha’s disturbed state of mind while talking to Rahul is quite evident from her repeated warnings to Rahul about ending her own life before he could reach their apartment. “I am over. Main khatam……mar gayi baby…mat aao,” Pratyusha told Rahul.

Rahul’s repeated pleas to not take any untoward step fell on deaf ears as Pratyusha told him in clear terms that she would be no more. “I am over. Main khatam,” said Pratyusha. When Rahul told Pratyusha he would meet her in half an hour’s time, the actress said, “Half an hour…I wouldn’t be alive after 10 minutes.” When Rahul tells her that he is reaching home after parking his car, Pratyusha shouts out, “Don’t come. Mar gayi baby.”