1Attitude determines the lifestyle of a person and it develops when perception is followed by projection.Positive and negative attitudes are acquired by individuals over time and according to their development, humans fall into three categories:Those who imagine and project difficulties in any undertaking even before they start work and end up doing nothing.They are like cars that will not start unless given a push. The second kind are Prarambh Shuras. They are inspired initially, but give up for lack of perseverance.The third become more and more inspired to execute a job,the more they face challenges and difficulties. Even if you are successful, negativity in attitude can crop up at any time for unknown reasons. Remember:

1.You alone are responsible for your attitude.

2.As is your attitude, so are your perceptions.

3. As is your perception, so is your interaction with the world.

4.As is the interaction, so is the experience of life and,

5.As is the experience, so is the quality of life.

During camps for children, I often hear this complaint:“Swamiji, before and after an examination, I remember everything but in the exam, I forget.” This happens because of the attitude problem.

People with negative attitude think and project negative things and they develop it to such an extent that even a positive-thinking person can become a victim of their presence. Such negative people can do nothing and won’t allow others to do anything. Negative attitudes are the result of a weak personality at the physical,emotional and intellectual level. Physical strength can be gained by proper intake of food, and regular exercise. Some are obsessed with their figure.They torture their bodies.They get cranky and misunderstand what their parents say.This is a negative attitude, the reason being that when you don’t eat properly, you think about food.When you do this, food goes to your head. Good health helps us come out of negativity. Emotional stamina too is a must. Emotional strength is gained by discovering some altar in life — it could be God, your guru, an idea; surrender yourself at that altar with total involvement and faith. Put logic away because by logic,no problems are solved.By love alone, all problems get dissolved. When we apply our faculty of intellect and enquiry in doing a job successfully, it is vital to get things done not ‘because of all odds’but ‘despite all odds’.

Enquire into ‘how a thing is possible’. Remember life is not about being successful; it is also the ability to go through both success and failure with grace. In success,we enjoy.From failure,we learn. When we have mastered the art of learning from failures, it leads to success. This attitude towards failure is a positive one.When these three aspects of your personality are cultivated and developed systematically,you grow and develop Atman balam, inner strength. With inner strength,positivity becomes the foundation of our expression.The Mundaka Upanishad says Truth is not revealed to cowards. Success is not for weaklings. When you have physical strength, emotional beauty and intellectual capacity, your attitude becomes positive.With this positive attitude,you jump into the battle of life; success is bound to happen.

Source : www.speakingtree.in