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Chicago IL: “First Pakistan-Center in Bolingbrook, the US Midwest is opening soon”, said Mr. Faisal Niaz Tirmizi, Consul General of Pakistan at the flag hoisting ceremony in Bolingbrook on August 27, 2016, on the occasion of the 70th Independence Day of Pakistan. This was the 25th consecutive flag hoisting ceremony of Pakistan in Bolingbrook. Around 15,000 people turned up to attend the event. Mr. Faisal Niaz Tirmizi and Mr. Roger C. Claar, Mayor of Bolingbrook participated in the ceremony as Chief Guests.
07 DSC_0301A special video message by Mr. Jalil Abbas Jilani, Ambassador of Pakistan to the United States was played at the ceremony in which he congratulated the Pakistani-Americans on the 70th Independence Day of Pakistan and the Mayor of Bolingbrook on Silver Jubilee city’s inception.
Continuing his address, Mr. Tirmizi thanked the Mayor of Bolingbrook for organizing annual flag hoisting ceremony and congratulated him on the Silver Jubilee of Bolingbrook’s inception. He informed the audience that Pakistan’s city of Sialkot and Bolingbrook are signing a “Sister City Agreement” very soon, which will be a landmark development in the Pak-US relations. He appreciated the role of Pakistani-American community and Administration of Bolingbrook for their efforts in materializing the proposal of “Sister City Agreement”.
Mr. Tirmizi specially thanked the Mayor Claar and Mr. Talat Rashid, Board Trustee of Bolingbrook, for their efforts in the direction of setting up the Pakistan-Center in the City. He stated that this would be the first ever Pakistan-Center in the US Midwest.
 Mr. Tirmizi urged Pakistani-American community to involve themselves in local politics and civic affairs and vote in the forthcoming Presidential elections. He said that by casting their vote and getting involved in politics, they will be contributing to further strengthening the democratic institutions in the US and also playing an active role in their effective functioning. “If Mr. Siddique Khan could be the Mayor of London, a Pakistani-American could be the Mayor Chicago or the President of the US”, said Mr. Tirmizi, with a sense of optimism.
Special performances of local Pakistani artists, stall of Pakistani food, and dresses were the highlight of the event.
Photographs and Press release by: Asian Media USA