A Youth Icon Motivation Seminar by Mukesh Gangani

Motivation Seminar organized by Shashikant Patel/Gopi Udeshi on September 09, 2015  at Sri Saneeswara Temple  By Mukesh  Gangani Speaker & Life coach.

Event started with thousands of years Ganesh  and Gayatri Mantra Bhajan by Jyoti, Virendra and Jagdishbhai,  and Deep Pragatya by women delegates of  society .

Meditation and Power point presentation by Mukesh covered  topics with practical example and proven therapy through changing positive thought and beliefs.  A person can achieve  tremendous benefit of health , relation, wealth by  balancing between mind and body relaxation technique. He stressed that more of conscious mind by alertness and righteous decision.

Negative thoughts once rooted in our mind are very difficult to remove thus concentrate on positive thoughts to achieve goal.

Everyone  appreciated and gained  useful information and knowledge through  this  seminar.

Shashikant Patel and Hasmukh Patel expressed  their views  and thoughts regarding the seminar.