1Tamil actor Kamal Haasan said today he wants “a reasonable explanation” for the alleged police violence against peaceful pro-Jallikattu protesters in Chennai yesterday.

The actor, who doesn’t support the ban on jallikattu, also said the protests in Tamil Nadu are a culmination of Tamilians wanting a bill to allow the bull-taming sport for the last 20 years. “This ban is intruding on Tamil culture+ ,” he said.

The actor was only half joking when he said he hoped “the cops in the video weren’t real”. He was referring to photographs and videos of police personnel torching auto rickshaws+ on the streets.

“I hope there is an explanation on the clips of cops committing arson. No law or legal system is infallible,” Haasan said, adding that he is against bans of any kind+ as a matter of principle. The protests in Tamil Nadu, he said, “felt right.”

“If MG Ramachandran had been the CM, he would have come to the beach, ” said Haasan about the former Tamil Nadu chief minister who was much beloved by the masses, and referring to protesters occupying Marina Beach to protest the ban on the bull-taming sport.
“People were making fun calling this a leaderless movement+ , but look at its cohesion, “the actor said, adding that he resisted saying anything about the issue for a while because he didn’t want to steal the agitators’ limelight.

“Not because I’m a coward. I am against bans. I’ve spoken against the ban on my film too. Nothing should be banned, ” he said