1Seasonal flu, also called influenza, is one of the most common illnesses in winter although it occurs throughout the year.

Since flu is highly contagious, the illness can occur in individuals of any age. It is spread easily from person to person by coughing, sneezing, or touching surfaces.

Here are some quick and effective natural remedies for flu you can try at home:

  • Get enough fluids – both water and juices – to avoid dehydration.
  • Avoid caffeinated drinks as caffeine has been considered a diuretic.
  • Avoid alcohols to prevent dehydration.
  • Take herbal teas. Herbal tea with honey can soothe a sore throat.
  • Take foods that are rich in vitamin C to increase immune system to help fight the flu.
  • Take hot vegetable soups to increase the flow of mucus and wash out that nasty flu virus faster.
  • Garle with warm salt water to help relief a sore throat.
  • Take lots of rest because your body needs several extra rest during illness.