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Chicago IL: The Devotees at HOM, Medinah, IL continued their age old tradition of ringing in the New Year, with “Akhand Ramayan Path”. On Saturday, Dec 31st, at 11am, and completing with the Bhog on the 1st of January. All the members of the Board, along with several other friends & relatives started the Ramayan Path with a formal Pooja and other rituals performed by the Temple Priest, Pandit Dinesh Kumar. This year also, as the clock struck 12 at Midnight, Bells rang, Shankh Naad echoed and the chanting of Ram Dhun ushered in the New Year 2017!!!

The Mandir was beautifully decorated with Buntings, dazzling Streamers, Banners, Flowers, and Bells etc. to enhance the ambience for the celebrations. The weather also cooperated this year as the Sun came up shining to spread its warmth and brightness. Fortunately, a group of Singers led by Chhote Sarkar, were in town, and graciously agreed to join the concluding celebrations on the 1st of Jan. Their mesmerizing Bhajans & melodious voices compelled everybody to dance with joy.

In Hari Om Mandir, the 1st of January, is also a day of administrative activity. The 2 Boards – Executive Board (EB) and Board of Trustees (BOT) that run the show all year round, are introduced to the general Congregation. It is time to honor and acknowledge the services of the outgoing Members who have completed their term, and welcome aboard New Members, who will be taking charge and serving the community in 2017.

This year, Mr. Vipan Wadhera was re-elected as the President of the Executive Board, for the second year. However, he was introduced to the Congregation with a new Look…a little twist that came in as a pleasant surprise….he adorned a colorful Turban that added to his personality, and reminded him of his responsibilities as the Head of the Hari Om Parivar. He thanked All his team Members for their continued support throughout the year. He also mentioned of new programs introduced in Hari Om Mandir and said that going forward there will be Baba Balak Nath Ji’s Chauki on Every 5th Sunday of the month. Plaques were awarded – to 3 outgoing Members – Anil Saxena, Gopal Tiwari and Ramesh Bhardwaj. Amidst great applause and a warm welcome, new Members were also introduced to the Board – Madhu Gupta, Indu Wadhwa and Mohansundr.

Mr. Satpal Salwan, Chairman Board of Trustees, along with his Team also came forward wearing the colorful Turban, and read out the New Year’s Message. He also congratulated the EB Team for a successful 2016, when several new programs had been launched and the Temple was on the right path of Growth and Service to the Community.

Guardian of the Temple, Mr. Ayodhia Salwan invited 9 Senior Ladies of the HOM Parivar to come forward and shower Blessings on the Board Members & the Devotees to guide, help and provide them strength to work in the Service of God. The 9 Ladies represented the Nine Incarnations of Mata Rani, along with the seven little girls & two boys as Kanjak & Lainkra. This was a novel idea and as Mr. Salwan sang Maa Durga ki Bhent, it appeared that all the Devi/Devtas in Heaven had come down to the Hari Om Mandir and were present there, showering Blessings and unconditional Love on the entire congregation.

A grand Lunch was served by the Temple and people exchanged greetings, good wishes, embraced each other, wishing for peace and wellbeing of all mankind.

Executive Board: Vipan Wadhera (President), Ashok Sharma (Vice President), A G Mohansundr (Treasurer), Anita Rawal (Secretary); Indu Wadhwa (Publication), Aarty Singla (Inside Property), Madhu Gupta (Outside Property), Jeetu Patel (Special Events), Shub Sharma (Food and Prasad)
Board of Trustees: Sat P. Salwan; Chairman, Krishan Tejpal; Vice Chairman, Naveen Paul; Secretary, Ram Verma; Mahendra Thakkar; Subhash Sharma; Chandru Bhojwani and Upma Hardy

Priests: Pt. Dinesh Kumar

About Hari OM Mandir
Hari Om Mandir located at DuPage County in the heart of Chicago land. The Mandir has statues of all major North Indian Gods & Goddesses. Every Sunday there is a Havan and general congregation followed by Aarti and Bhojan Prasad. On every first Saturday of the month we have Devi Jagran from 7 – 10pm. Every Monday there is Shiv Puja and every Tuesday we have Hanuman Challis Path. There are two learned priests available in temple, for Poojas, Havan, Kathas etc. in the temple and at home. Please visit Hari Om Mandir at 6N020 Medinah Rd, Medinah, IL Phone: (630)980-0900

Photographs and Press release by: Asian Media USA