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Chicago IL: First time ever in the history of Hari Om Mandir (HOM), India’s Independence Day was celebrated with great pomp and show in the temple premises. The 70th Independence Day of India, on the 15th of August, was celebrated with great Pride & Grandeur by the devotees of HOM on Sunday, Aug 14, 2016.

The Flag Hoisting Ceremony was performed by the Chairman Board of Trusty (BOT), Satpal Salwan and the President Executive Board (EB), Vipan Wadhera, along with all the Members of the Board, who lined up to Salute the Tricolor. As the Indian Flag opened up and swayed on the pole, flowers poured down to shower Blessings and pay Homage to those innumerable Martyrs who sacrificed their lives for this DAY!!!

A huge crowd of people drenched in the true spirit of Nationalism, adorned in the colors of the Indian Flag, waving the Tricolor, stood still as the National Anthem was played. After the Flag hoisting, a Parade was organized to mark the glory of this Day. Contingents of young kids, men and women marched past holding Banners & Flags on this auspicious occasion. The whole atmosphere echoed with the slogans of “Bharat Mata Ki Jai”, “Vande Matram” and “Jai Hind” as people – young and old – joined the Parade to express their feelings of patriotism and remind themselves of this hard earned Freedom. Today, we hold our heads high up in esteem on this foreign land….Thanks to the efforts of our forefathers who laid down their lives to free the Nation from British Rule…..we shall always be indebted to those pious souls.

Saffron, White and Green – the colors of the Indian Flag were seen displayed all over the premises of Hari Om Mandir, Medinah – the tricolor Pagris, the Badges, the Sashes, the waving Flags – all added & enhanced the National Spirit of the day. After the Parade, everyone gathered inside the Congregation Hall and the program continued. There was no end to the excitement, joy and fervor of the people, as they sang and danced on the beat of the Dhol. Mona & Deepak Sharma sang popular patriotic songs and paid tribute to the National Leaders and everybody joined in……

State of Illinois Comptroller, Leslie Munger congratulated everyone at Hari Om Mandir on the 70th Independence Day of India.  The congratulatory letter was presented to the President, Vipan Wadhera of Hari Om Mandir by her representative, Thomas Choi, who stayed with us thru out the celebrations. President and Chairman of the Mandir thanked the Comptroller and Thomas Choi for this wonderful gesture.

The colorful program culminated with the National Anthem sung by the young kids of HOM Hindi Class. Finally, the Founder Member & Guardian of the Temple, Ayodhya Salwan congratulated everybody on the 70th Independence Day of India, and also expressed KUDOS to the President, Vipan Wadhera for organizing such a Grand Show on such a Large Scale, on such a Proud & Memorable Day.

Photographs and Press release by: Asian Media USA