BSNY Janoi changing ceremony was held on Sunday, August 21st, 2016 at Hindu Center of NY in Flushing Ny from 10 am to 12 pm.
Pandit Shree Jayeshbhai Bhatt conducted the ceremony with vaidic rituals. Participants followed Jayeshbhai’s instructions with keen interest. Ceremony concluded around 12 pm. Then aarati was performed.
Then pujya swami Sampurnanandji gave a very informative discourse about Rakshabandhan ceremony and its social, religious and spiritual significance with quotations from ancient time of Vedas. Also explained Varna vyavastha and duties of bhramanas. Everybody listen them attentively.
Then Vice President of BSNY Rajeshbhai Pndya took care of BSNY aspects. All the sponsors of this event were recognized and appreciated.
Rekhaben and Dhariniben performed with dedication tying Rakshasutra to everyone with tilak.

Last but not the least everybody enjoyed a feast of ladu, dal, bhat, undhiyu, puri, gota and pickles .
BSNY thanks to sponsors of this event.
1) Ushaben Labhubhai Upadhyaya
2) Jayshreeben Vishnubhai Joshi
And many other sponsors.
By: Baldevbhai Patel