I have very fond memories of my childhood with my father. As I grew up, I grew up to be more like him than my mother. That meant I inherited his strong personality and his opinions too. At least that is what my mother says and that is why we cannot be on the best terms.

But, I wish we were. I see people around who hang out with their fathers like they are hanging out with their friends, chatting about girlfriend problems and all that. I never talked about anything other than my academics or my money with my father. All that was what my mother was for.

But as I grow older, I see what he has done for me. Whenever I felt that he has not really been there for me, it was for a reason.

As I look back in retrospect, I see all the things he did, and why he did them.

1. They are strict so that we turn out to be better human beings in the future


Getting home by 7 pm latest or a thrashing was on the cards. I never, ever have been late to an appointment in my life because of this.

Dads are not strict because they are made that way. They are like that because we might make ourselves a somewhat respectable person in the future.

2. The long hours and hard work they put in is to make us secure


Yes, they have an interest in what they are working on, but the innate reason is so much more altruistic – to keep our future secure at any cost.

3. They know almost everything. You can learn everything that there is to know about life from them


You cannot have a better teacher over here. A father has seen the world. A lot of it. The times you feel that he is blabbering away are the times you should actually listen. That is pure wisdom talking. Nothing else.

4. They are the rock of the family, always dependable


They are the anchors that keep the ship safe in rough seas. Come what may, we only feel secure because we know our dad is just a call away.

No one gives you such security.

5. They solve our problems so often and so easily, we tend to forget that they are so good at it


From fourth standard math to life’s great problems, fathers seem to have the answer to all of them. And even if they don’t, they’ll look it up for you.

6. They play the roles of a mom very convincingly too


Moms get sick too. They go to their hometown too, and when they do, dads take over. My dad made food so good that I missed his food when my mom took over again.

7. You can go ahead and do anything because they encourage you to


He always told me to not be afraid of anything, as long as I did the right thing. And I went ahead and did it, partly because I knew he was there if I needed him.

8. They also can be very funny when they are not busy being strict


Dads can be funny too. My dad never liked to show it, because then the disciplining never would have worked on a person like me. But when he cracked his jokes about my mom and my mom’s side of the family, he always had me in splits.

9. Dads are always taken for granted; more than moms. And that’s partly because they do not usually show their softer sides. But hey, things have changed…for good

And just like the soldiers that guard our borders, we tend to forget that they are there – looking after us every minute of every day – even when we grow old enough to completely take care of ourselves.

Let’s remember them in our prayers, cause we surely are in theirs every day.

Source : http://www.storypick.com/