Meanwhile, in a parallel universe where hairtsylists didn’t exist, this is what Bollywood celebs looked like:

1. Rakhi 

Short hair with tastefully done bangs is a beautiful evergreen retro look. Leave it to Rakhi to ruin that!


2. Shakti Kapoor, Gunda

The name of his character in the film Gunda, perfectly fits his style – ‘Chutia’


3. Salman Khan, Tere Naam

For years to come, there will be more articles, there will be more wrong hairstyles. But this one will never be struck off the list.


4. Saif Ali Khan, Go Goa Gone 

Unfortunately for the Nawab, his hair stylist watched Tashan and decided to take it out on his hair. Cue: This hairdo that no self-respecting Russian would be caught dead in.


5. Shah Rukh Khan, Koyla

Ah, the nineties. What hast thou done to SRK’s hair?


6. Karishma Kapoor, Andaaz Apna Apna

This movie is today counted among the funniest Bollywood comedies of all time, with Karishma Kapoor’s hair kindly consenting to

contribute to the LOLs.


7. Rekha 

Sorry, we can’t even. It is like hairstylists didn’t even exist.


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