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Chicago IL: Indian Seniors of Chicago (ISC) celebrated their 14th Annual Diwali Celebration for the benefit of members their family and friends, at Maha Laxmi auditorium at Manav Seva Mandir, Bensenville, IL on Sunday 23, October, 2016. Capacity crowd of over 525 members joined the program.

Shri Hirabhai Patel on behalf of Executive Committee welcomed and thanked all for joining the occasion. Giving outline of the program, he stressed the hard work of the members and volunteers of ISC organization in creation of this event and stressed the audience to enjoy the program including the melodious singing and music from Musical group and his party at the conclusion.

Popular Ageless Jester and Emcee, Mr. Arvindbhai Kotak, commenced held the entire event together with his wit, interactive sessions, jokes and satires. The program kicked off by traditional Lamp Lighting ceremony while Dr. Anantbhai Rawal recited mantras from Rig Vedas. Smt. Janakbala Shah invited luminaries including chief guest Shri Chhotalal Patel, Special Guests Shri Mafatbhai Patel, Dr. Chittranjanbhai Patel, Shri Dahyabhai Prajapati, Dr Ashok Shah, Shri Pradeep Patel, Shri Rajubhai Chauhan and President Dr. Narsinhbhai Patel for this Deep Pragatya formality.

Cultural and entertainment program followed by Swagta Geet combined with classical dance of ‘Jyoti Kalash Chhalke’ performed by Pika Munsi and Swapna Shashidharan, Next number was a recital of ‘Shree Ganeshy Dheemahi’ performed by Kshama Shah, Susan Abrham and Anupama Mangalvedhe. This item was a dance based on a song ‘Tuhi Mere Mandir Tuhi meri Puja’ performed by Executive Committee member Smt. Hema Shastri. Audience was thrilled by this and subsequent presentation of fourth item, a boogie and song ‘Hum kale hain to kya hua dilwale hain’ (Performed in Movie by legendary Bollywood actor Mahamood) performed by Executive Committee member Bhupendra Suthar, Hema Shastri and Anjana Desai. This got enthusiastic response from packed hall.

Half way through the program, Shri Hirabhai Patel invited chief guest Shri Chhotalal Patel special guests Shri Mafatbhai Patel, Dr. Chittranjan Patel, Dahyabhai Prajapati, Shri Pradip Patel, Shri Rajubhai Chauhan and President Dr. Narsinhbhai Patel on stage. Chief guest Shri Chhotalal Patel was greeted with flowers bouquet by Dr. Narsinhbhai Patel, Shri Mafatbhai Patel was greeted with flowers bouquet by Dr. Rasikbhai Shah, Dr. Chittranjan Patel was greeted with flowers bouquet by Dahyabhai Prajapati, Shri Pradip Patel was greeted with flowers bouquet by shri Hirabhai Patel and Shri Rajubhai Chauhan was greeted with flowers bouquet by Arvind Kotak. Informational presentation on year 2016 highlights of activities of Indian Seniors of Chicago Pariwar was given by President Dr. Narsinhbhai Patel. Sponsors were recognized and honored by Shri Manubhai Shah & Shri Nalin Shah with a gift and a rose flower bouquet by Shri Dahyabhai Prajapati. All the artists were also recognized and honored by Shri Naresh Dekhtawala and hailed with a gift and a rose bouquet presented by Shri Chandrakant Gandhi. The evening concluded following Shri Bipin Shah gave vote of thanks.

For the rest of the evening number, Shri Naresh Dekhtawala introduced nostalgic melodious musical evening to be presented and performed by famed and talented Musical Group artists.

Everybody enjoyed and cherished the nostalgic melodious musical evening bringing back those nostalgic days while growing up in India. The music brought rejuvenated youth in many seniors who overcame age related restrictions and performed impromptu Bollywood dance following music beats. The excellent presentation of meet, greet and fun filled evening finally ended in late hours of night.

Indian Seniors of Chicago, a registered not for profit organization is brainchild of founding and pillar member Dr. Narsinhbhai Patel, started in year 2001. The organization main goal is to give a social platform for our senior Diaspora to congregate periodically, help organize cultural activities including monthly meetings, presentation of informational seminars, arranging visitation to interesting places, picnics, group travel to local and international destinations. The organization gives special consideration to widowed spouses of deceased single seniors to help them address their risk of developing depression due to lonesomeness and isolation.