Family functions. The bane of all of our existence. Whether it’s incoming aunties with gossip or rishtas, uncles who have found the top of their heads to be a good surface for their drinks or cousins who are dying to sneak a whisky under the pretext of coke. You can’t get out of it and you can’t ignore it.

But you can make the most of it and find a way to entertain yourself. After all, ‘Where there’s a will, there’s a way’.

1. Ask them the awkward questions instead of being subjected to them


If you’re roaming about trying to pretend like this family function is a party, I’m pretty sure your dreams have been shattered by the aunty who’s spotted you from miles away. But before she approaches you and starts telling you ‘Beta, you’re next in line to get married and I have a few options for you’.

You can beat her to it. ‘Aunty, is this your 3rd glass of wine, nice..!’ and ‘Aunty, don’t you think you got married too young’. Distract and dish, that’s the new motto.

2. Eat like there is no tomorrow


Look, there is absolutely no opportunity here for scintillating conversation, sarcasm or even youthful feels, so it’s best to stuff yourself up with delicious food. These days during weddings you can literally eat the world’s cuisines.

So start with pani puri, gobble those chicken lollypops and dunk some pasta from the live counter on to your plate. Let’s face it, that’s why we all attend weddings, except for the bride and groom of course.

3. Try to draw a family tree


I have met more relatives in one family function than I have in all my years of existence. The worst is the ‘Do you remember this auntie?’ game, which mothers love playing, even though they know you’re going to fail miserably at it.

So when you meet a brand new cousin, mama, chacha, phuphi and bua, take out a notepad and start drawing the family tree, because it’s only during those family functions that you can actually complete the tree.

4. Photo bomb like it’s no-one’s business


So what’s the second favourite thing everyone’s doing at family functions? Yes, that’s right clicking selfies with hashtags like #sunilkisaaliyan, #famjam etc. So if you’re bored out of your mind, make yourself the official photobomber.

If you see someone bringing the phone above eye level, leave everything and photobomb. Atleast the family albums will become way more colourful than they are now.

5. Use your phone as an entertainment unit


The best way to entertain yourself is with your own phone, it’s your savior in this time of crisis. You can text your friends, watch randomly funny videos or even live tweet about your misery! Whip it out play some Candy Crush or take the time to stalk your friend’s old pictures on Facebook. If that doesn’t help click unsuspecting pictures of people eating, you can always make memes when you go back home!

You can also drown out the aunty-chatter with excellent quality music which one phone can definitely give you, because of it’s new CDLA earphones, Le Eco 2.

And you can block the site of your aunty showing her new pimple to your mom by getting busy playing video games on Le Max 2’s superior display and enjoy it’s state of the art, Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor!

So go ahead and make a list of all of these before Dadi’s birthday or Sonu’s wedding comes along!

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