We all have our reasons for not studying. Some are not that justified. Others, not at all! Having said that, I have immense respect for people who at least have the decency to make up stupid reasons for not doing something.

 Here, we cover such reasons that make so little sense, it’s funny.

1.”No one is studying, don’t be a rebel.”

Hero mat ban.


2.”Everyone is studying. Don’t follow the herd. Do something different.”


3.”I don’t have money to buy the textbook.”

I guess it’s not meant to be then…


4.”We already know too much.”



5.”Aakhri din padhoge, fresh rahega; abhi padhoge, bhool jaoge! 

Great logic.6


6.”Aakhri din hai. Ab kuchh nahi ho sakta. Chhoro.

Learning to let go.



7. “Achhey insaan bano! Yeh Trignometry mein kya rakha hai?”

Sahi bolta, sahi bolta.




8.”I’m not lazy. I’m dyslexic.”

Taare Zameen Par effect.



9.”Do marks kat gaye!  I’ll repeat this course next year, and ace it. Iss baar chhor dete hain.

Perfect strategy that.



10.”Kitaabein mat padho. Samaaj ko padho! “

On social media that is.11


11. “Coffee ke bina kaise padhein?”

Even the thought of it is scary!12

12. At night: “Subah uth ke padhenge, bramha kaal mein.13

13. In the morning: “Raat mein padhenge, sannate mein.14

14.”Aaj nirpadha ekadashi hai. Aaj ke din kitaab ko haath lagana bhi paap hai. Bhagwaan se daro saale! 

Time to believe in God.15


15.”Apne dost ko akele fail hote mai nahi dekh sakta. Mai bhi balidaan de doonga! “

What are friends for right?