I’m a movie addict, I love watching just about anything. So in my attempt to watch anything by ‘borrowing’ people’s hard drive and pendrives, I couldn’t help but notice that some movies left me feeling like I could do so much more. Some movies that made me resonate with really strong female characters and wish I could do what they do.

So here’s the best ones that you need to watch this weekend to feel some girl power creeping in.

1. Eat Pray Love


When your love life goes south, you close yourself and lick your wounds. Some go into depression, while some bounce back. But Eat Pray Love shows you that you can learn something after a breakup. You can discover yourself and find that you’re not the same person you were, when you started this relationship.

2. English Vinglish


A lot of people in India don’t know english and it’s perfectly fine. I’m sure you’ve had family members who aren’t too comfortable with it either, this movie will sensitize you to such regular struggles in India.

3. Margarita with a Straw


If you’re still in the closet, take some inspiration from this pair and don’t let love be lost. It’s going to be a hard journey, coming out to your parents, but if it gives you your sense of self then maybe it’s time to take the risk.

4. Monalisa Smile


It’s such a moving film. Julia Roberts really makes you feel all the emotions, the struggles and the lives of every character. It’s a time when education was never a priority for girls. In the midst of this, Julia Roberts was trying to convince the girls of the various possibilities that exist if you get an education.

5. Erin Brockovich


The struggle of a single mother trying to keep it together for her family is really emotional. In the midst of providing for her family, she’s also trying to find her passion. Her dedication to her job and children is really inspiring, putting men on the backseat of this storyline.

6. Sisterhood of Travelling Pants


It’s the journey of 4 friends beyond high school. Even though they go to different universities, on different paths, they’re connected with a pair of pants. But the magic isn’t in the pants, it’s in their friendship.

7. Million Dollar Baby


The strength and zeal she displays in this movie is something to take home. Becoming a sportswoman in India is sort of difficult but watching this movie will make you want to chase your dream, even if it’s the last thing you do.

8. Queen


This movie shows you that marriage is not your only destiny, there is a lot more. And making that move to discover life isn’t a bad thing. Even if it breaks certain hearts, it’s something you need to do for yourself.

9. Frozen


Your family is your knight in shining armour. You don’t need to look beyond them for someone to save you, because relationships like these last a life time, love doesn’t.

10. The Colour Purple


The book is extraordinary, but the movie isn’t too far behind either. It grips you in the struggle African American women faced, right from domestic violence to incest. It depicts all these heartbreaking scenarios following the story of one such woman.

11. Bandit Queen


This a movie based on Phoolan Devi, she was a known bandit who rose from poverty, battled more than one evil and shot the men who raped her. It’s a story of how situations make us a person we didn’t even see coming. It’s a glimpse into how the other half live and it’s eye opening.

12. Coco Before Chanel


I’ve only known Coco Chanel for her fame, her quotes and her fashion label, but there was a person behind all that and this story is about her. The movie isn’t sentimental towards her struggle or her loss, it’s like her, unapologetic and straightforward.

13. The Iron Lady


Margaret Thatcher was the longest serving British Prime Minister. This movie tells you what it feels like to live and work in a man’s world. How you need to prove your worth every single day and how rocky your journey to the top can really be.

14. Persepolis

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It’s a little girl’s journey through the Iranian war. This animated flick is really thought provoking, touching the subject of hijab, religion and culture. She tries to hold onto herself through this turmoil, even when it almost kills her. It’s one of those movies you just can’t forget.

15. Mamma Mia


It’s the story of a mother-daughter duo. It’s about how her relationship with her mother was fulfilling enough to compensate for her father’s love. It’s about loving without conditions or boundaries.

So if you’re looking for some inspiration this weekend, look no further, these women will give you serious goals.