We have all had our share of prank calls. Sometimes we are a part of it and sometimes we are the victims. But then there are some calls which are way more creepy and disturbing than a simple prank call.

Here is a list of stories of some of the weirdest phone calls. Goosebumps guaranteed!

1. The unknown lights call


18-year-old Brandon Swanson once called his parents to inform them that he had met with an accident.

Brandon had accidently crashed into a ditch with his car. When his parents arrived at the site, they could not find him.

They called him and the call lasted for around 40 minutes, but they were not able to locate him.

A few minutes later, he told his parents that he could see some bright lights at a distance. Then suddenly he yelled “Oh Shit” and that was the last time anybody heard anything from him.

Next day, a search team was sent. They found no traces of him and they couldn’t understand what lights he saw.

2. The call from the Zodiac Killer


Zodiac killer was a famous serial killer in the 70s. The interesting part is that till date his real identity is unknown.

A hospital where a girl called Donna Lass worked, received a call that she won’t be able to come to work due to some family issues. She went missing the same day and nobody ever heard anything from her again.

She could have been one of the many victims of the Zodiac Killer.

3. The baby girl prank call


Bashir Kouchacji was the owner of a popular restaurant Marrakesh. He started receiving prank calls from a person who mimicking the voice of a little girl.

Well, what makes this case interesting is the fact that these calls kept coming for more than 9 years and the girl not only harassed him but also his family members and restaurant staffs.

It got so serious that Bashir was admitted into a mental asylum.

4. The curious murder of William Wallace’s wife


It was an incident that happened way back in the year 1931. William Wallace received a call from R.M. Qualtrough.

He asked him to meet him at a specific address. When Wallace went there, it turned out that the address was fake and when he came back home he found that his wife had been murdered.

He was also charged with the murder but was later released when police realized that he was speaking the truth. Still, no one could find any trace or records of anybody called R.M. Qualtrough.

5. The Kuykendall family calls


In the year 2007, few students started receiving strange and disturbing text messages from their friend Courtney Kuykendall.

Courtney told them that she was not the one sending the messages. Soon, even her family members started receiving these messages from her phone. Her phone was taken away from her but still the messages kept coming.

The scary part is that whoever the person was, he/she not only knew everything about her family and friends but could also tell them what they were wearing and what were they doing at the time.

6. Charles Peck’s ghost calls


In the year 2008, a young man called Charles Peck met an unfortunate end in a train accident, that killed over a 100 people. He was one of the last persons whose dead body was pulled out.

But the strange and creepy part is that even after the accident his family members including his fiancee kept receiving calls from him. They said that he didn’t speak anything and after few moments of silence, he used to simply disconnect the call.

Authorities later proved that the Peck died immediately after the collision and there was no way he could not have been alive the entire time.

7. The call that never happened


At around 4am in the morning, a woman received a call from his brother who told her that he was going to get married. She congratulated him and disconnected the call.

Later, when she was visiting her mother, her brother was also there, she thanked him for the call.

Her brother was taken aback and told her that he did not call her. When she started telling him about the conversation she had, her brother told her that he had the exact same conversation with her mother but not her.

Even her mother confirmed about the call.

8. The unknown message


A girl received a voice message on her phone, the caller knew her name and everything about her.

She told her that one of her friends had died in a car crash and mentioned in great detail about the crash. Then she called her friends to check if everything was alright.

After she found that nothing was wrong, she just deleted the message. Strangely, six months later, her boyfriend was involved in a car accident which killed the other driver.

The creepy part is, the incident was oddly similar to the one she had heard about six months ago.

9. The Area 51 call


One day a certain radio station received a call from a person who claimed that he had worked at Area 51. The caller seemed stressed and worried about his life.

He started rambling about aliens and government conspiracies but suddenly the signal got lost and the power went off. The station tried to contact him again but failed.

What makes the case so interesting is the fact that it for the first time they had faced such a power failure and nobody had a clue how it happened.

10. The  JFK assassination call


Of all the creepy calls, this one is probably the most popular one. This call involves the assassination of US president John F Kennedy.

At around 10 in the morning a Californian switchboard operator received a strange call from a woman who told her that the president’s life is in danger and within 10 minutes the president is going to die.

When nothing happened after 10 minutes, the woman told her that the time has now being changed to 10:30. The operator dismissed the claims as the president wasn’t even in California at that time.

He was at that time traveling in a motorcade towards the Dallas’ Dealey Plaza and at sharp 10:30, Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated the US president.

Till date, no one knows who the actual caller was.

11. Calls from the grave


A man called Frank Jones lost his wife Sadie to a heart attack. His wife really loved her phone, so as a sign of love he left her phone with her in the grave.

Soon, after she was buried, not only her husband but his entire family received weird calls and messages. The creepy part is that the writing in the messages are in the exact same style she used to write.

Nobody could find out where these messages came from as there was no number attached.

Well, all we can do is just hope that we never receive these spooky phone calls.

Source : http://www.storypick.com/