There are many instances in life where you’re bored out of your skull. But have you ever thought about the fact that you have the option of staying bored or you can do something about it. In fact, life can go from boring to fun in just 10 seconds.

Here are 10 ways to make your life go from boring to fun in just 10 seconds:

1. Bored at home? Make a few phone calls, invite a few friends and the party is on. Turn on the music and bring the party to life!



2. Stuck home on the weekend with nothing to do? Turn on your TV and grab a bowl of popcorn. Congrats! You’ve brought your personal theatre to life.










3. Boring Sunday, lovely weather and time to kill… Go to the nearby playground and join the local kids in a game of cricket.





4. The monotonous life getting on your nerves? Have fuel in the car? Grab the keys and take a road trip with your friends. Nothing shouts fun like a road trip does.










5. Alone? Bored? Make yourself a hot cup of coffee and pick up a good book to read. You will instantly be transported to another world…



6. Got time to kill? Pick up your phone and call up an old friend. While you guys catch up on old stuff, you won’t realize how time flies.




7. Almost midnight but can’t sleep? How about going for a drive? Nothing like a midnight drive to make you feel alive.




8. Nothing to do tonight? Call up that friend you’ve been meaning to meet for ages and go for that dinner you have been stalling forever.







9. Nothing to do? No one to meet? Nowhere to go? Don’t worry. Turn on the music and lose yourself in the songs. Nothing better than listening to some good music!




10. If you’re really bored and want to make life interesting, go back to one of your old hobbies. Pick up that guitar or go play your favourite sport. Relive the old days!