The pleasant drizzle outside your window soon turned into an unending downpour and now you are stuck in the house with rains on your parade. Literally!

And then starts the tick-tock of boredom. You run out of things to do and end up sleeping off your whole day. What an utter waste of time!

So what do you do now? Sing rain rain go away? That doesn’t even work for little Johnny anymore, what makes you think it’s going to work for you?
Put your mind at ease and now select one out of the many options that I am providing you with on things you can do while you are stuck at home on a rainy day.

1. Have a movie marathon!


Close the curtains, get some munchies, pick a good series and you are set for the day!

2. Make love


Rains are quite romantic. Why not use the opportunity to your benefit?

3. Try your hand at cooking


Nobody is going to deliver food in this godforsaken weather. So utilize whatever ingredient you have at home and cook something interesting.

4. Read. Write. Rejoice.


Use the weather to get in touch with your creative self. Read something new, write something fresh.

5. Go through old photo album and write your memories


Let the whiff of nostalgia touch your heart. And share it with your loved ones associated with it to share the joy.

6. Catch up with old friends


Hangout, skype, conference call or even group messaging if necessary. Have an open-hearted conversation with a friend you haven’t been in touch with for a while.

7. Invent a no-batteries game


Ever played ‘Snakes and ludo?’ You should try it, it is fun!

8. Click pictures


Rains enunciate on the beauty of things around you. Why not capture it?

9. Plan a holiday


You have the time. Plan it out to execute it on the first chance you get.

10. Make paper boats


Why not? It will be fun.

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